Danes are fond of coffee. In fact, we drink an average of four to five cups of coffee each day.

That makes us the third most coffee-drinking nation in the world.

Therefore, is it also interesting what coffee means to our bodies and health?

Are coffee breaks healthy?

Much indicates that coffee has more positive and health promoting properties than negative ones.

And that coffee breaks can have a positive impact on both productivity and health.

A report by the Council for Prevention of Knowledge shows that a moderate intake of coffee (three to four cups a day) is good for our bodies and health.

Coffee has a positive effect

Coffee reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease by as much as 25 percent.

It can also reduce the risk of blood clotting and bleeding in the brain by 10 percent.

And last but not least, coffee also seems to have a beneficial effect on Alzheimer’s and depression.

In other words; we can safely enjoy a good cup of coffee.

“… a good cup of coffee provides good energy, boosts efficiency and boosts creativity.”

Are we getting more effective from drinking coffee?

There is something to suggest!

The aforementioned report also indicates that people who have been without coffee for a shorter period of time experience an increasing rate of reaction, vigilance, selective attention and concentration following a caffeine dose equivalent to one to five cups of coffee.

Many coffee drinkers can certainly recognize how a good cup of coffee provides good energy, enhances efficiency and boosts creativity.

We want to drink quality coffee in the workplace

The coffee habits of the Danes have changed a lot over the past few years, and we are becoming more aware of the coffee we drink. This applies to both the taste of the coffee , where it comes from and how the coffee production affects both the environment and health.

Modern coffee awareness also applies at work, with several demanding good coffee and professional coffee machines that can brew both:

  • espresso
  • americano
  • caffè latte
  • and cappuccino.

Also read our coffee guide and get control of all the coffee drinks.

So it doesn’t matter which coffee machine you choose for the office. Maybe it is a good idea to replace the old boring coffee with a professional coffee maker that can brew specialty coffees for both employees and customers.