In addition to a good automatic coffee machine, the choice of coffee beans in particular has an effect on the taste of the popular specialty coffees. It is not so easy to find a type of coffee that makes both the ideal espresso of 30 ml quantity, and the perfect caffè crema with 200 ml amount.

Worth knowing about Robusta and Arabica beans

Most of the coffee is made from Arabica beans and Robusta beans. Robusta coffee is often said to be the worse coffee because the beans are cheaper. However, the reasons for this are quickly explained: The Robusta bean grows at low altitude, is less susceptible to pests and diseases and requires less care. In comparison, the Arabica bean is much more demanding in terms of care and location. It needs to be protected from pest infestation with pesticides and grows in a more difficult altitude. Therefore, Arabica beans cost more than robust beans on the world market.

The perfect blend of coffee uses the nutty-earthy aroma of Robusta beans and the light chocolate note, which blends in perfectly with the subtle acidity of the Arabica bean. Incidentally, the proportion of Robusta beans in a coffee also ensures a good crema.

Roasting as a Critical Quality Criterion

Industrially produced coffee was typically roasted with hot air at 400 to 800 ° C for up to five minutes. This allows coffee beans to be processed cheaply and quickly for sale. The downside to this is that some beans may burn on the outside and others on the inside are still raw.

The more elaborate but better roasting process for coffee beans is drum roasting. The beans are kept in motion in a drum for up to 25 minutes and roasted at a low 170 to 240 ° C. This provides a better flavor of the beans, but at the same time for a higher price in the sale.

Espresso beans for less acid and bitter substances

If beans are not processed for filter coffee, but sold as espresso beans, they are usually subjected to espresso roasting. The beans are roasted longer and unpleasant bitter substances are significantly reduced. On the one hand this affects the taste and on the other hand the compatibility of coffee. For the preparation of coffee in a coffee machine only beans are suitable with the method of espresso roasting. Other varieties are too sour and too bitter.

Quality coffee is mixed only after roasting

In practice, the beans of different growing areas and crops are mixed together and roasted together. This mixture of different crops has the advantage that a consistent taste and a constant quality are achieved. It is ideal, however, to roast the beans separately and to mix only after the roasting. This makes it possible to better influence fine nuances of the taste, as is the case with quality coffee.

Proper storage of coffee beans

In addition to the quality of the beans for your coffee and their correct storage is important to get the full coffee enjoyment. Since coffee very quickly takes on odors, you should never store it unlocked next to other foods. A storage in the refrigerator is contrary to popular opinion not advisable. Instead, airtight sealable coffee cans are ideal. They are also impermeable to light and can be stored optimally in the kitchen cabinet.