The coffee market and the consumption of specialty drinks continues to grow in Brazil. With them, the cafeterias have also gained space in the cities and daily life of Brazilians. But like the number of customers, competition tends to increase. And that's where coffee shop marketing comes in.

Thinking of standing out to stay competitive, you need new ways to publicize your business. In addition, of course, offering differentials to win and retain your audience.

Therefore, we have listed some tips to promote your cafeteria and show everything it has in terms of quality, service, products, among others. Learn more to be one step ahead of your competitors.

The Best Coffee Shop Marketing Strategies:

1 - Communication is the 'soul' of business

Even if you have a great coffee shop, if almost no one knows it exists, it will be very difficult to have daily movement to keep it running. Therefore, it must be disclosed to the public.

One of the main points of cafeteria marketing is communication. So you should invest in ways to show your business to people. Today, the least cost effective media are the online channels: website and social networks.

Because of the importance of digital marketing, it is worth having a well-built website that is visually appealing and also provides the information you need to know your coffee shop, its products and services. The page also needs to load fast and be readable on smartphones - be responsive.

Having business profiles (pay attention to this!) On Facebook and Instagram ( see here 7 tips to pump the profile ) is also critical. Publish daily, showing your promotions, events, differentiations or something interesting about cafes to inform and engage customers. Remember that this is a professional channel, so be careful with language and avoid personal placements.

If you are not confident or want to professionalize digital marketing, consider having a specialist to organize your cafeteria planning and publications. The chances of getting it right and reaching your target audience will be much higher!

2 - Create experiences for your customers.

Do tastings, promotions or demonstration events. Remember that coffee lovers love events that teach and feature curiosities about the barista world. The tip is to make a small event with introductory information and curiosities about growing, roasting and preparing coffee. This will encourage even more visits to your cafeteria.

Also, a quick and simple way to show the public the quality of your products and recipes is to promote tastings of some menu items. You can, for example, create a special day for each extraction method or, within a week, have specific tastings of a different drink.

Other types of events and promotions can also help in attraction. You might think of something for the seasons, such as opening a date to teach summer or winter recipes. Then assemble kits with products and utensils so people can buy and reproduce on each. Also include some of these drinks on the menu and think of promotions, such as something with special price, sweepstakes, and even combos with some dish.

Or consider having an appropriate meeting space where business owners can meet prospective clients quietly and hold business meetings in a calm environment.

3 - Invest in quality care

Qualify your employees. Give them training and guide them to be the best. Although this quality service strategy is old, it always makes a difference in business. This is because consumers are increasingly looking for specialty coffee shops that really understand coffee. What's more, they want to feel special: they like to be recognized and served as if they were at home.

Thus, all your employees should be aware of this guideline and be able to know everything about the coffee world.

4 - Think about loyalty

It's much more advantageous - and cheap! - Get the same customer back than having to gain new customers daily. So the key word right now is customer loyalty.

But there is no way to build customer loyalty without always being by your side, getting to know them better and delivering what they want, when they want it. Know the profile of your consumers - it's no use wanting to meet everything and everyone. Being selective makes you different. The profile of your target audience will help you produce more and more quality service.

And, besides knowing to always surprise, it is important to offer some of the most valued benefits by customers:

  • First class service;
  • Quality products;
  • Diversity of contact channels with fast responses;
  • Advantages and frequent promotions;
  • Economy and good prices;
  • Confidence in your brand name.

About promotions and advantages, it is interesting to have a well structured loyalty program. When it comes to cafeteria marketing, you need to think about “rewarding” your most loyal customers.

The idea of a loyalty program is the more points you get when shopping / consuming in the cafeteria, the closer you are to earning something in return, such as a drink, a product, utensil, etc. But never forget to accurately calculate the results of this program month by month to identify how far the loyalty program is making profits for the cafeteria.

5 - Capriche in the decoration of the cafeteria

We always hear that the first impression is the one that counts, and that doesn't differ when we talk about a coffee shop. In good coffee shop marketing, you need to look good and have an environment that matches your business idea, while being welcoming and innovative: people love to be seen and frequent a stylish cafeteria.

Think about the visual identity (logo, colors, typography), the external decoration and each internal detail: lighting, smell, dishes, furniture, menu, product layout, attendants uniform etc. Remember that you must be able to keep this environment pleasant and warm for all your customers.

So to grow your business, invest in these and other coffee marketing strategies. By doing this the right way, you will surely attract customers and the return will come in the short or medium term, mainly because it will stand out from the rest.

It is clear that there is no point in wanting to grow in the market and keep doing the same. Therefore, every coffee shop manager and entrepreneur needs to understand the need to keep up with industry trends and best practices. The important thing is that you always seek to satisfy your customer and make them want to come back always!