How do I prepare my coffee?

Well, here are the ghosts. As with so many things, that’s just a matter of taste. Testing is about studying. Indeed, one and the same coffee can completely change its taste depending on the type of preparation. Fully automatic? French Press? Filter? Just try it and let yourself be surprised how each type of preparation teases out a different taste from the coffee. Basically, you can expect about 6 – 8 grams of coffee per cup. You drink the coffee like tea? Just take a little less. You like it very strong and the spoon has to stand in the coffee? Then take something more.

Learn about the right water

Water is not simply water. As a rule you can remember: take fresh and no stale water . The oxygen content in fresh water is important for the aroma development. If a line was not used for a long time, you should let the water run off first (that will get the flowers for me ….). Too much lime or even chlorine damages the taste. Professionals take filtered water and pay attention to the right water hardness. The temperature is important too. Do not take bubbly boiling water, because that burns the coffee and you lose a lot of flavor. Let it cool for a few seconds after boiling. Between  92 ° -96 ° C are perfect. No matter how you do it, the main thing is that your coffee tastes good!

How do I store coffee best?

Coffee lasts the longest if you leave it as a whole bean. Just leave it in its packaging: Here it is protected from light and can breathe through the aroma valve. So he keeps his aroma the longest. Store the coffee cool, but not in the fridge. Once the coffee has been ground, it is best to enjoy it immediately.