The coffee berry is a stone fruit the size of a cherry and most often contains two green coffee beans. The two green coffee beans make up only one third of a coffee berry.

After harvest, the beans are separated from the flesh and dried before being sorted and classified by size, color and flavor.

The coffee beans

There are more than 60 different varieties of the coffee tree belonging to the species “Coffea”.

Only two types of coffee trees are of real economic importance and provide beans for almost the entire world of coffee drinkers:

Arabica is a gentle and mild coffee type, but has less ‘body’ than Robusta -> grown primarily in Central and South America.

Robusta is, as the name indicates, a much tougher type, which has a stronger and stronger, but also more bitter taste -> grown primarily in Africa and Asia

The Robusta bean is hardly as expensive as Arabica, among other things. because the yield per plantation is higher.