Whether the coffee is good depends, among other things, on whether it is brewed correctly. Here are seven great tips on how to make a perfect cup of coffee – every time.

Achieve good coffee taste with seven simple steps

Coffee is a natural part of most daily lives and rhythm.

Many start the day with a cup of morning coffee. We drink coffee when we meet at work, hold meetings or immerse ourselves in a task at the desk. And we keep going when we get home in the afternoon or end the day with a cup of evening coffee.

Therefore, it makes good sense that you know how to brew coffee to make it taste good. We have compiled a number of tips you can follow when brewing coffee.

Seven great tips for making a perfect cup of coffee

The brewing equipment must always be completely clean.

Always use fresh, cold water.

Use boiled water. Boiling water will scald the coffee and impair the taste.

Choose the right grinding of the coffee:

  • Coarsely ground coffee for punch pot
  • Medium-ground coffee for regular filter coffee
  • Fine-ground for espresso

Choose the right dosage: We recommend 6-7 g per day. cup and 150 ml.

Use the coffee within 14 days of opening. After opening, close the bag carefully and store in an airtight container.

Serve immediately after brewing to enjoy the full flavor and aroma.

You can also hand over coffee brewing to a coffee machines and then it just takes a single tap on the machine when you want to brew your favorite coffee.