It is one of the small setting options with a big effect on the taste of coffee: the regulation of the degree of grinding. For most coffee machines, multi-level adjustment is possible with a wheel or switch, but most fully automatic owners do not use this feature or not. The degree of grinding should always be adjusted to match the type of coffee beans.

What to do if the coffee is too harsh or too thin?

Indisputable signs that the degree of grinding on coffee machines is not set optimally, are too bitter taste and too thin crema. The duration of the contact of brewing water and ground coffee determines how many aromas, bitter and tannins pass into the water and thus contribute to the taste of the fresh coffee.

By coarsely ground coffee, the brewing water flows through faster, which can provide less intensity. If your coffee tastes too tart or bitter, you should therefore adjust the grinding degree coarser. As a rule of thumb, you can also be guided by the fact that good espresso should take at least ten seconds to complete.