Coffee is a national passion and you may already know that, but as a manager of a coffee company, how do you keep up good results and busy sales at all times of the year? 

We've prepared 5 tips to help you keep sales warm:

Take reports: Reports hold key pieces that help your business work. They provide insight into profits, expenses and anticipation of potential crises.

Go deep into the details: Pay more attention to products that are out of the box or sell out a lot, as they may be essential to generate more profits. Use specific selling strategies for each. Promotions often generate more profitability and visibility for the company as your loyal customers will continue to buy and you have the opportunity to attract new customers. Spread the word and use social networks to do so, they are strong tools.

Analyze your competitors and talk to suppliers: Do some research on how your competitors are selling, after all, they can't have a better product, price or service than yours. If you find that your movement / flow of people is smaller, it may be because something is wrong with your strategies. Rethink! In addition, maintaining a good relationship with your suppliers is important, as they also have contact with your competitors and know what works.

Update yourself: Once you find the flaws in your business, you need to take action to improve. Learn from your competitor, you don't have to imitate him, but get inspired by him and try to catch up with the market news.

Attention to employees: Rather than charge efficiency, make it a habit to talk to your employees and understand what they know works and what doesn't. Invest in training, always remembering that good service is done together, and more than agility is necessary to do with quality.

Finally, always pay attention to suggestions, complaints and compliments, as this way your company will always be evolving and ahead of its competitors.