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The good news: Mold in the coffee machine can be removed and then the machine can be used as usual. We show you what you can do against mold in the coffee machine:

How does mold develop in the coffee machine?

Mold is produced in the coffee machine by the same factors as on walls: moisture, comparatively warm temperatures and the right nutrients.

In principle, it is always damp in the coffee machine, because even if you clean the machine regularly with the help of automatic cleaning, the coffee machine remains damp. But there is a simple solution to this problem.

Also the temperatureis suitable for the development of mold. Mold grows best at temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius. Since the coffee machine is in the apartment, this condition is also given. Of course, the temperature increases extremely when the coffee is brewed. Although then optimal conditions no longer prevail, the mold is not destroyed by the heat.

Finally, mold still needs nutrients to grow. On the wall he gets these through the building materials such as cement, concrete, wood or other building materials. In the coffee machine, the mold feeds on the coffee residues, which collect in, for example, the brew group or in the coffee grounds container.

Remove mold in the coffee machine

If you suspect that there is mold in your coffee machine or you can even see it, you do not have to despair and dispose of the machine directly. There is an easy way to remove mold from the coffee machine. Can extract easily to all parts of the coffee machine, which can be removed. Spray it with a mildew spray thoroughly – even parts that are not yet (visibly) infected with mold fungi, you should spray. When buying the mildew spray, make sure that it is also suitable for use on plasticis so that it does not attack the material of your coffee machine. Let the spray work. Determines the exposure time according to the information on the product and the severity of the mold.

Then you can rinse the mold and the spray residue thoroughly and several times under hot water and dab the parts with a dry cloth. Before you reinstall the parts and use the coffee machine, it should be completely dry to prevent further mold growth.

Before you enjoy your first coffee, you should run the machine several times with water to remove all traces of mold spray.

How can I avoid mold in the coffee machine?

So that you do not even get into this situation, we have two tips for you, how to prevent the mold in the coffee machine:

Tips 1: Put something in the coffee grounds container (catcher for coffee grounds), which absorbs the moisture of the coffee grounds, for example a kitchen towel or newspaper.

Tip 2: Do not rely on the automatic cleaning of the machines. This cleans the fully automatic machine, but still leaves moisture in the machine. Depending on consumption, you should wash out the removable parts of your machine about every third day with your hand and a little washing-up liquid. Again, let it dry completely (preferably overnight) until you use it again and let the machine run through with water several times to avoid possible traces of detergent residues in the coffee. By the way: If you value a hygienically perfect coffee machine and first-class coffee enjoyment, you should also make sure to descale your coffee machine.