Summer is coming and the temperature is already rising. But that’s not why we’re going to leave our dear coffee aside. Of course the traditional espresso, strained, among others are still very welcome. However, how about swapping the cup for the cup and trying an iced coffee to refresh?

There are two types of iced coffees: Iced Coffee and Cold Brew. Many are still confused and believe that the recipes are made the same way. Not quite. There is a fundamental difference between them: while the former is made with hot water and then cooled, the latter uses cold water from the start.

We’ll show you how to make these iced coffees for you to make at home and enjoy the full flavor of the drinks without heat!

Here’s how to make two types of iced coffee:

Iced coffee

We can say that Iced Coffee is a “normal” coffee, made with hot water and then cooled. So the basic recipe is super simple to make. You can use the colander or the Chemex. In both methods, simply put ice in the recipient and prepare it as usual. The difference is that when the coffee goes through the filter, it falls into the ice and is immediately cooled.

You just have to drink it on time, because the ice is making your coffee watery. In this case, a tip is to make the coffee with double the powder. Ideally, 40g of ground paper filter powder should be used for every 100ml of filtered water.

Another way is to prepare a recipe for iced coffee or seasoned cappuccino using the blender. Prepare your brewed coffee at Chemex or separate two doses of espresso. For iced coffee, add milk and ice; For the seasoned cappuccino, add some cinnamon. Beat everything and you’re done! Taste your special Iced Coffee.

Cold brew

The Cold Brew is never heated, is prepared from the beginning into ice water. Not being in contact with high temperatures, this type of drink is lighter and sweeter, has a lower level of acidity and still retains more caffeine. Another point is that by using water at room or cold temperature, this method is much longer than the traditional method, made with hot water, easily reaching more than 12 hours of infusion.

The first form of preparation is as follows:

  • In a glass container, mix the coffee powder and water and cover;
  • leave the glass resting in a cool, sheltered environment from sunlight;
  • if you prefer, you can take it to the fridge, but ideally at room temperature;
  • keep infused for at least 12 hours; avoid exceeding 24 hours so that the coffee does not get too strong;
  • filter the coffee with a paper filter;
  • Serve immediately with some ice or milk.

The Cold Brew can also be done in the French Press and Chemex. See how:

French Press: Pour 140g of your favorite Coffee Culture blend into the coffee pot and then the 500ml of cold water. Then stir to mix the powder, put the lid on and let it sit in the fridge for 12 hours. Then just press the plunger to make the coffee and serve in a glass with plenty of ice.

– Chemex: Put about 220g of ice in Chemex and only then put the filter in the container. From here the method will follow as usual – coffee powder and hot water. Put the ground coffee and pour the water at a temperature of approximately 90ÂșC. Wait for the water to pass through the filter, when the coffee is finished it will be cold to serve.