If you are vacationing in Ireland, you will find Irish Coffee in each bar on the cocktail list as a hot drink. The Irish Coffee is sweetened coffee with Irish whiskey and a lightly whipped cream topping. And best of all, the popular drink you can easily copy home. The right recipe and tips for preparation, we have put together here for you.

Emergence of the Irish Coffee

The Irish Coffee was invented in 1942 in the west of Ireland. Specifically, in a restaurant at Foynes Airport, now known as Shannon International Airport. Restaurant chef Joe Sheridan served coffee with a dash of Irish whiskey for the frozen passengers waiting to fly their aircraft overseas. The beginning of a new coffee variation! The Irish Coffee became known internationally when, in 1952, the “Buena Vista” café in San Francisco copied the idea of ​​Joe Sheridan. The owner of the café flew to Ireland himself to get the right mix of ingredients. He then made the drink famous in San Francisco, mistaking it for a long time for the origins of Irish coffee.

You need:

  • Irish coffee glass
  • coffee
  • 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
  • Whipped cream


The Irish Coffee Glass is first preheated. If you do not have a typical Irish coffee glass in the typical tulip shape, you can also use a glass in a similar shape. First, the Irish whiskey is heated with 1 teaspoon of brown sugar. Meanwhile, the cream can be beaten. The Irish coffee glass is then filled with hot coffee and the heated whiskey. After that, top up the jar with the whipped cream to the edge using a tablespoon. Caution is advised. The cream should not mix with the coffee, but swim as a separate layer over the coffee. Classically, the hot drink is served without a spoon and not stirred, so that the hot coffee can be drunk through the cool cream. Have fun while enjoying.