Are you in the process of finding a good coffee solution for the office? Here you get an overview of what you need to decide when choosing the coffee machine that suits your business.

There is no doubt that good coffee in the workplace, and a reliable coffee machine is a must. Coffee contributes to the good atmosphere and atmosphere in the office.

And you will find that the coffee machine becomes a meeting place for your employees, where the coffee break gives rise to small talk all over.

It helps to strengthen the culture and relationships among your employees.

A good coffee solution signals – to both employees and guests – that you are willing to invest in your employees.

There is no doubt that good coffee in the workplace, and a reliable coffee machine is a must.

Which coffee machine should you choose for the office?

The range of coffee machines is wide and the functions of each machine are numerous. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider what needs your new coffee machine will meet.

Here are some of the questions we typically ask our customers when we need to find the right coffee solution together:

How many employees should use the coffee machine in your office?

The number of employees in your company and the number of cups of coffee you drink per day has a bearing on how large or small the capacity of the coffee machine should be.

How long brewing time can the machine have?

Different coffee machines have different brewing times per pitcher or cup.

It is worth taking into consideration whether a short brewing time is an advantage if you are many who have a coffee break at the same time.

How many different coffee variants should the coffee machine be able to brew?

No matter how many employees you are, just as many different coffee preferences there are. Should the machine be able to brew both filter coffee on jugs, caffè latte, cappuccino and americano? And what about hot cocoa?

Our professional coffee machines for offices and businesses can guarantee your needs.

Do you have special requirements for electricity and water connection and maintenance of the coffee machine?

It might be a good idea to investigate if there are any particular practical issues to consider?

Is it possible to connect to water?

Who is responsible for the practicality of the machine?