When preparing a coffee at home or ordering that tasty espresso at the bakery or coffee shop, the ritual is almost always the same. We have to have something tasty to enjoy with the drink: a shortbread, a piece of chocolate, a candied orange peel. Thinking about expanding this list of delights and helping you or your customers choose the best coffee accompaniment, we have separated some tips. Check out!

Coffee Side Tips

The traditional cheesecake – always have to consider a traditional cheese bread warm, cuddly and with plenty of cheese;

  • Cookies -There are many cookie recipes, but chocolate chip vanilla recipes are a classic and a great choice to make coffee even more special;
  • Homemade Cakes – For a feeling of comfort, nothing is as recommendable as a slice of homemade cake. Think of the traditional ones, like cornmeal, orange, or mixed.
  • Raindrop – In times of colder and rainier days, it seems that coffee asks for a raindrop. Nothing better than to feel and taste that taste of cinnamon with sugar;
  • Candied – orange or lemon peel, pears or apples, pineapple or fig. These fruits and their peels serve as perfect accompaniments for those seeking elegance and simplicity;
  • Handcrafted Cookies – classic of the classics, you cannot go wrong when serving a handmade cracker such as dry, buttery, with coconut, guava or chocolate.

Classic, comforting and traditional recipes that make a perfect match with coffee. These are ideas to put on the menu and offer to customers or even to have at home and offer to friends and family. Choose your favorites and of course go for the coffee!