Okay, you finally decided which espresso machine to buy .. but there are many models on the market and now you really have a hard time deciding. They vary widely in price and have many different features. This is a difficult task, so you can read more about what to pay attention to when choosing a machine that suits your needs.

All in all, it ultimately depends on how much you “get into the coffee”. If you are the type who loves to grind your own coffee, then a semi-automatic espresso machine will be perfect, but if you are the type who needs it as easy as possible, then a fully automatic machine is obvious.

All espresso machines require a bit of maintenance, including removing ground coffee beans, emptying used capsules, cleaning the drip tray, replacing the water tank, etc. Some machines have a removable brew group that is easy to open and clean. Other machines have a built-in brew group, which is designed to clean itself, which is what most people prefer. If you are the type who likes to be hands-on, then go for an espresso machine with removable brew group. If you prefer to go after a machine that can clean itself, then be aware that you may have to pay for a service if something is suddenly not working or is broken.

If you choose an espresso machine that has a removable brewing group, then another thing to be aware of is the amount of pressure that the machine can brew with. The bar pressure can greatly help determine how the coffee will taste when the machine must extract flavor from the beans. Choose a machine that has a bar pressure of 9 or more