“A Flat White, please” – This coffee order can now be heard in many hip cafes and coffee shops. But what is a Flat White actually? Here you will find everything you need to know about the new type of coffee from Australia:

In many ways, the Flat White resembles a cappuccino. Thus, the ingredients and cup size of the Flat White coffee are the same as the Cappuccino, but the way the preparation is differentiated the two coffee drinks from each other. As a rule, the cappuccino is made up of a simple espresso and hot milk – a liquid part and a part of solid milk foam, which often protrudes slightly over the edge of the cup. The Flat White, on the other hand, is often prepared with a ristretto shot, which increases the caffeine content. However, many still prefer their “flat whites” with espresso instead of ristretto. This is how the preparation differs from Barista to Barista.

Another difference between the two types of coffee is the milk foam. While this is relatively firm with the cappuccino, it is much more fluid and fine-pored in the Flat White coffee. This makes the milk foam ideal for latte art, small works of art that conjure the baristas into the milk foam.

Incidentally, the Flat White coffee was also given the name because of the fine-pored frothy milk: As this is much more liquid than that of a cappuccino, it closes off with the cup and can not protrude beyond the edge of the cup.

Flat White – preparation

First, brew two espressos with your coffee machine. Then froth the milk until it is about 60-65 ° C warm and pour into the coffee. Carefully swing the pot so as not to separate milk and foam. The foam should be about 5 mm thick. A spoon for stirring is not necessary. However, there are many different Flat White recipes. In some cases, milk foam is completely undesirable.

Espresso or Ristretto: The Flat White recipes vary according to your personal taste. So it’s completely up to you which variant you prefer!