Should you buy an espresso machine or not? That is the very big question that only you can answer yourself. In this article we give you some good reasons to buy your own espresso machine. In addition, you can also read about which machines are the best on the market and why they are each so popular.

Whether or not to buy an espresso machine is often a big consideration for many, as they are often a relatively large investment for many. If you are one of those who are on the verge of buying a machine, then at least you don’t have many reasons to buy it. Therefore, we have gathered here some reasons that you can use to convince yourself, or perhaps your partner.

Never Worse Coffee:  A good cup of coffee is often the best way to start the day for many people. Instead of starting the day with a cup of coffee that may not be of the best quality, it will be obvious that the coffee is top quality now that you have to drink it almost every morning.

The taste: If you are going to make a good cup of coffee with an old-fashioned machine, it will require serious knowledge of this if the coffee is just going to be pretty good. If you make the coffee on an old-fashioned machine, it might be really good, but the next day you can not get the same good taste, and you do not want to drink the espresso at all. What did you do wrong? Was it the beans? Was it too much or too little water? And you may not care if you buy a modern espresso machine. With a new espresso machine everything is set for you, so you get exactly the right taste every time. The only thing you typically have to worry about is finding some coffee beans that you like.

Productivity: Science has previously proven that coffee can increase one’s productivity. A recent study by companies found that as many as 89% of employees believe that a cup of coffee can improve their entire working day. But it’s not just the extra energy. It also makes you healthier and more alert because of the caffeine, you probably already know it yourself, if you have drunk a lot of coffee before going to sleep. Then it can be very difficult to fall asleep right away. If you’re still not convinced that you need an espresso machine, you can read more about the benefits of coffee at Harvard, which has several studies in the subject.

Simplicity: Sometimes it is tricky to have to brew a whole pitcher of coffee on your moccamaster, especially here the espresso machine comes to its full right. Instead of making a whole jug, you can simply make a single cup, which is the only thing you may need early in the morning. Besides just making a single cup, you can make it with a single push of a button and vupti, it is done in seconds. It is very difficult to see how it can be easier than this to make coffee.

Cheaper than the bar: You might have your daily routine on the way to work, where you just walk past the local coffee shop and buy a big latte for $ 55. very large expense on coffee. Instead of buying the expensive coffee, an espresso machine will be far cheaper in the long run. For example, let’s say you buy an espresso machine for 6000 kroner. If we then assume that you bought a coffee for 55 kroner every day and stop doing this, then the espresso machine will have earned home in just over 3 months (109 days) .

Experiments: If you are the type who always loves to try something new and quickly get tired of the old, then you will definitely be able to nod to this point. An espresso machine allows you to experiment with all kinds of espresso. For example, have you tasted a macchiato, mocha or americano? All these types of espresso allow you to experiment with making. And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a brand new favorite coffee.

Entertain the guests:  After visiting the diners, there is always someone who wants coffee for dessert. Is there anything cooler than standing and making coffee at your very own espresso machine while you talk to guests who help to put the dishes down. Your guests will immediately look forward to the good cup of coffee, and it will certainly be something they appreciate, instead of a boring filter coffee.